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    Do Home Inspectors perform Progress Inspections for new homes under construction?

    No, although all Home Inspectors can perform a Standard Home Inspection on a newly constructed home for its first owner, not every Home Inspector is qualified to check a house at key phases of its construction.

    This type of Inspection requires additional knowledge about how the parts of a home hidden in the wall or under the concrete slab should look when done correctly. These areas are not visible during a regular Home Inspection.

    Extensive knowledge of building codes and the ability to read plans is necessasary, which is not a requirement when performing a Standard Home Inspection on an existing home. 

    Some Progress Inspections must be done at intervals within short windows of time; such as after the floor slab has been formed, reinforcing placed, and inspected by the local building inspector, but before the concrete truck arrives and covers it all up. This can be a single day, or even just a few hours. 

        The typical phases that would be Inspected are:

    • Foundation
    • Framing (before drywall, also called “dry-in")
    • Mechanical (Plumbing & Electrical)
    • Insulation
    • Final 

    Sometimes additional intermediate site visits are necessary.

    With my extensive experience in renovation and home building, I have acquired a unique set of skills to inform clients if their project is on-track and being completed properly.  We can offer in-progress walkthough inspections for each stage of the project.  This gives our clients peace of mind that they are receiving the quality of workmanship they deserve from their contractor.


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