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  • Certified Home Inspection Costs & Fees


    Fee Schedule

    Home or Cottage Inspection up to 500 Sq.Ft.

    -add $50.00 for each additional 500 Sq.Ft.

    (Includes: Full Report & Images)



    Add-on: Outbuilding up to 500 Sq.Ft.

    (Detached Garage, Bunkhouse, Boat House, etc..).

    -add $25.00 for each addtional 500 Sq.Ft.

    -We offer a discount of $25.00/per, for each additional Outbuilding Inspected.  (example: $75.00 for Bunkhoue, $50.00 for Detached Garage, $50.00 for Boathouse...etc...).




    FLIR Thermal Imaging Inspection

    (includes Moiture Readings, Report & Images)



    Add-On: FLIR Thermal Imaging

    (with Home Inspection)



    Private Water System Inspection - (Well or Lake Pump)

    (Includes Report & Potable Water Testing)



    Add-On Private Water System Inspection

    (With Home Inspection).



    Septic System Inspection:

    -Includes Written Report


    Add-On Septic System Inspetion:

    (With Home Inspecdtion)



    Septic Tank Pump-Out Service:

    We highly recommend a Pump-Out at the time of the Inspection. 

    We will coordinate with the Septic Pump Truck for the day of the Inspection (Date of the Inspection may vary depending on the availability of the Pumping Service).  Pump-Out costs (upto 1000 Gallons) can range from $400.00 - $600.00 depending on the area and the waste disposal costs.  If the tank is larger than 1000 Gallons, you can expect to add $100.00 for each addtional 250 Gallons.


    and up.





    Add-on: Additional Second Kitchen

    (More than one kitchen takes addditional time to inspect)


    New Home Build Progress Inspections:

    (Initial Inspection Report)



    -Each additional Visit Follow-up Visit:

    (Incl. Updated Report for each Stage of Build)



    Pre-Occupancy Inspection (1 hour walk-through)

    (Includes written report)


    Aging-In-Place Inspection & Consultation:

    (Grow old in your own home)



    Additional Follow-Up Inspection:

    (Implementation Check-up)



    Gas Leak & CO2 Detection:

    (Includes Report with findings)



    Short Notice Cancellation fee: 

    (We require 24 hours notice to cancel a booked Inspection.  You may cancell anytime without penalty up to 24 Hours before your scheduled appointment)




    Discount for 2nd Inspection:

    If you don't end up closing on the home we Inspected, we offer a discount for repeat clients.  An addtional $25.00 will be discounted from you invoice for each home (Example 3rd Inspection -$50.00, 4th -$75.00, etc..).





    Individual House System Inspection:

    (We offer Stand Alone Inspection Services for Individual house Systems such as: Roof System, HVAC, Deck,Plumbing, Electrical, etc..)






    Do you need an Expert Witness?

    Ask about our Professional Witness Services and associated Costs.



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