• 11-Month Warranty Inspection for New Homes

  • The first year of a builder’s warranty period is particularly important as the builder has responsibility for a broader range of defects during the first 12 months after purchase.

    At CRD Home & Cottage Inspection, we have learned that a common problem is that many defects or issues that would be covered by the builders 1 year warranty go undiscovered until it's too late.  Few home owners are trained to know what and how to inspect for these potential common flaws.  That is where our 11th month inspection can really help save you money and headaches!

    Some buyers in Ontario do not believe they need a Professional Home Inspection during the purchase of a new house or condominium because the home has been built to “Code” and was inspected for Building Code Compliance at various stages of construction.

    Many defects can, however, go undiscovered because building codes are minimum standards and building code compliance inspectors have time constraints which preclude 100% inspection of every home.

    Significant health and safety items too often go undiscovered.  Additionally, local Building Inspectors are not concerned with workmanship as long as the systems and components meet minimum code requirements.  Whether or not a Professional Home Inspection was obtained at the time of purchase, having an 11th month warranty inspection is a wise decision.  You should receive what you paid for and expect.

    After a new home has been lived in for nearly a year, there can be signs of system or component malfunction, unusual wear and settlement which often go unnoticed by the homeowner.

    Landscaping and other improvements can also have a negative impact on the home.  A Certified Inspector will look for health or safety defects and signs of defects such as settlement and moisture intrusion.

    The inspector will operate the heating, cooling and other systems and look for unusual characteristics or performance.  A Professional Home Inspection can help you make a more informed, clearer request for repairs, often resulting in a more timely and positive response from the Builder.

    In addition to providing a safe refuge and shelter from the elements, your home is a substantial investment.  An 11th month Warranty Inspection will help protect your investment as well as protect your family, guests and possessions.

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